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Restaurants at the hotels below have obtained halal certification from MUI province of Bali and hotels that we recommend to you to be the choice for your stay during holiday in Bali. For those of you who want to stay in one of the hotels below please click here to book a hotel voucher with competitive price!

1. Diwangkara Holiday Villa Beach Resort

The 4-star Diwangkara Holiday Villa is situated on a spectacular stretch of beach in Sanur, located southeastern coast of Bali island. Surrounded by lush greeneries, this beautiful boutique resort offers a tropical paradise with a unique blend of modernity and cultural heritage, making it a perfect destination for all ages and occasions.

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2. The Grand Santhi Hotel

The hotel is located in the heart of Denpasar which is one of the hotels that have a halal certificate for their restaurant from the MUI Bali. From this hotel you are just a short walk to the shopping center in the city of Denpasar. The hotel has a new building and is designed with minimalist concept. The hotel is often used as a meeting place and workshop a variety of companies and government and private agencies from outside Bali.

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3. Wina Holiday Villa Kuta

Imagine being warmly welcomed at Wina Holiday Villa – on the most popular and beautiful beach located at Kuta Bali, just 3 minutes walk from the famed Kuta beach. Be embraced by traditional Balinese architectures blended with lush tropical gardens. Be at ease with the sophistication of modern facilities, be pampered by warm graces and services from the heart. Indeed, the Wina Holiday Villa Kuta Bali is the place where imaginations become a true paradise reality.

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4. Aston Hotel Denpasar

From time to time, Bali becomes one of the most visiting places in the world. Imagine luxury and class accommodation in Bali that will perfect your leisure and peace time in Bali. Can you imagine stay in Bali surrounded by peace, relax, and secure environment in total complete privacy? Green Villas Bali offers space, comfort, convenient, privacy, and exclusive personalize Bali’s hospitality and services. Above all, it’s only 2 minutes from the airport.

Green Villas Bali provides 20 green villas. Each villa features a private entrance, lovely garden, living room with TV with 61 channels, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and bath tub shower with cold and hot water option.

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